Favorite and Disliked Filmmakers

A movie is supposed to take you to another reality. It is supposed to make you forget about that grocery list that you haven’t completed yet and the stresses of daily life. A film is an art form, and when executed correctly, it can have a positive emotional reaction from it’s audience. When I’m watching a film, I look to be entertained and forget that the movie is carefully made by actors, directors, crews, producers and such. Personally, a true test of my regard of filmmakers is if I go out of my way to look for movies that they have participated in.

Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite filmmakers because of his imagination and his attention to detail. The monsters that he brings to life, both human and non-human, are always well thought out in their design. The artistic style he brings to the table is detailed, vibrant, and imaginative, even if it is terrifying at times. He is someone I watch to observe his growth from genre to genre.

Len Wiseman on the other hand is not someone I search out, rather, I like to avoid him. He’s well known for the Underworld movie series and is just fine if you are just a fan of action. I personally try not to pay close attention to his many fight scenes because I always get a migraine. The writing is inconsistent the scenes don’t make sense most of the time. What irks me the most is that it is clear to see that in most of his movies he’s just looking for a sequel rather than content quality.

In the actor spectrum, my favorite filmmaker is Meryl Streep. I sat through Into the Woods because of her. I don’t even like musicals that much. It is amazing to see her in films because I never think of her as an actress while the movie plays, I just think of her as her character. Every role she plays she plays with conviction, which I find admirable.

The reasons why I love Meryl Streep are why I dislike Zac Galifianakis. I can never see him in a movie and think, oh, that’s __ character. When I see him I just think oh, it’s Zac. He seems to play the same role in nearly every movie, even if his character doesn’t ask for it. The delivery of his lines always make me unsettled in some way and just make me want to switch out the movie being played.

In the realm of animation, one of my many favorite filmmakers has been Mamoru Hosoda. The movies he has been involved in the last couple of years have been some of my favorites. They are colorful with strong characters and those based on manga follow the original script quite well. His stories don’t rely heavily on clichés that are often seen in films and usually banks on the character development of his young main characters.


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